‘People here are in panic’ after Russian air strikes, says Dnipro citizen

Missiles hit not just military targets but civilian building, Daria Matveytseva said.

12 March 2022

A resident of Dnipro in Ukraine has said “people here are in panic” after the city was hit by Russian air strikes.

Three strikes hit the major industrial hub, which is Ukraine’s fourth-largest city, killing at least one person, according to Ukrainian Interior Ministry adviser Anton Heraschenko.

Daria Matveytseva, 30, a content creator in Dnipro told the PA news agency: “Dnipro used to be a safe place until today.

“We woke up from the sound of explosion, then we heard another one louder and the third one in time.

“We have a bomb shelter in our building, but there won’t be enough places for everyone. Many people stay in their corridors and sleep there as well.

“People here are in panic (because) missiles hit not the military objects, but shoe factory, also near kindergarten and civil building.”

Russia widened its offensive in Ukraine on Friday, while the huge armoured column that had been stalled for over a week outside Kyiv was on the move again, spreading out into forests and towns near the capital.

The US and its allies moved to further isolate and sanction Russia by revoking its most favoured trading status.

But with the invasion now in its 16th day, Russia appeared to be trying to regroup and regain momentum, with expanded bombardment and a tightening of its stranglehold on cities like Mariupol.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addresses MPs in the House of Commons via videolink
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addresses MPs in the House of Commons via videolink (House of Commons/PA)

Ms Matveytseva said she hopes there will be “no more bombing here” but that Russia’s recent attacks mean she cannot be sure.

“We did not think that Dnipro will be bombed, we still hope it’s only to cause panic among people and there will be no more bombing here,” she said.

“But who knows … seeing how mercilessly they bomb Kharkiv, Mariupol and Volnovakha and all other places you can’t be sure any more.

“If it gets worse we will get on a car and try to go to western Ukraine, but there are literally no places to stay, everything is super crowded, probably will have to sleep in the car.”

Nationwide, thousands of people are thought to have been killed across Ukraine, both civilians and soldiers, since Russian forces invaded.

Ms Matveytseva said she has been left “feeling exhausted” due to the attack on her city.

“(We) were able to sleep for only four hours today – will probably sleep first me for some hours and then my (boyfriend), so we don’t miss the siren,” she said.

“(Because) here you can’t hear it with windows closed and when windows are opened it’s too cold. It’s unusually cold and snowing. Terribly cold in the bomb shelter.

“It’s really scary about missiles (because there is) not much we can do about it… and we just pray everyday for it to be over.”

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