About Perspective

There’s more than two sides to every story…

…that’s why Perspective brings its readers the viewpoints and voices that others often miss.

The world faces many social, economic, and environmental challenges, and public concern has rarely been higher. But polarising headlines and manipulative social media algorithms have seen a growing disenchantment with mainstream news and information sources, most of which belong to powerful vested interests with their own agenda. At Perspective, we go beyond the usual claims of “balance” by exploring a variety of angles, rather than the simplistic solutions and two-dimensional divides offered elsewhere. And we’re not afraid of tackling difficult or “taboo” subjects, or offering different points of view alongside one another.

Guided by principles of social and ecological integrity, tolerance, and the free exchange of ideas, we promote a more positive public discourse by commissioning journalists from across the political spectrum and writers rarely seen elsewhere – not hacks, but specialists in their field. We also interview leading experts and deep thinkers, and run our own reader surveys.

We believe that by encouraging all of us to contemplate – and read – the world a little differently, we are taking a step closer to finding the right solutions to the challenges we face.


Editorial & Publishing Team

Editors: Peter Phelps and Rowan Pelling
Contributing Editor: Robert Rigby
Creative & Design Director: Khaled Bazzi
Associate Editor: Belinda Bamber
Partnership Director: Howard Colvin
Publishing Director: Kyle Smith
Marketing Director: Andrew Winton
Online Manager: Allan Davis


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