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Tory corruption

The prime minister’s belated attempt to plaster over the latest evidence of a government completely lacking in any morality or principle, the sacking of Nadhim Zahawi, is once again too little too late to stop this country sinking under the weight of Tory corruption. This issue is even at the heart of the current crisis facing our health system. I’m not just referring to the scandalous profiteering at the expense of lives by those with a fast-track to ministers regarding the procurement of PPE during covid. Wherever you look, there is evidence of malaise directly attributable to sleazy contracts. It has recently emerged, for example, that there are now 10,000 with faulty knee replacements, having been fitted with dodgy equipment bought from Conservative cronies at inflated prices. Even when the Tories are long gone from government, the people’s suffering will continue.

Steven Cotterall

Too right

It’s true that no one can make an accusation of “fascism” without sounding overdramatic (Perspective Surveys, Dec/Jan). However, it will only be perceived as overdramatic until it’s too late. Voter suppression is one of three ways that we are losing our ability to stand up to this government. The other two are their attacks on protests and strikes. Our rights are being eroded, and that is move towards fascism.

Ellis Bramall,

Sign of the times

It is a testament to the state of the Tory party and their government that an arch-conservative like Simon Heffer seems to find himself in regular agreement with Sonia Sodha, a rising star of the left, on the pages of Perspective. But it was good to see that their political leanings are still discernible in their different views on how we solve the problem like the House of Lords (Perspective Dec/Jan).

Mrs J Quirk
By email

In praise of Dominic Dyer

Your interview with Dominic Dyer (Perspective Dec/Jan) showed how incredible he is in the way that he has galvanised and inspired so many people throughout the UK to stand up for British wildlife, especially the badgers being culled in their thousands by this evil government! He deserves much more positive recognition.

Julie Park,

Dominic Dyer is an absolute legend and a very brave man. When you stick your head above the parapet and take on the establishment as he has done, things can get pretty unsavoury pretty quickly. This is especially the case with controversial issues like the animal evacuation from Afghanistan, badger culling and fox hunting. Keep up the good work, Dominic, you have huge support within the animal-loving community.

Mark Cottam,

New Prophets

Gavin Esler’s interview with George Monbiot was beautifully done (Perspective, Dec/Jan). Like that other UK-born moral giant, the late James Lovelock, Monbiot is the modern version of an Old Testament prophet. We won’t like what he has to say and will probably ignore his warnings. But we will do so at our peril.

Dr Arnoud Budelman,

When you look around at the lack of real leadership in public life, you realise how lucky we were to have once had Rowan Williams as the Archbishop of Canterbury. So it was good to read his “Viewpoint” article (Perspective Dec/Jan) and benefit again from his wisdom. He is absolutely right that what is most missing from public debate is the absence of any attempt to understand others’ suffering and why it is that they believe what they do. If we engage in every argument as if our opponent’s hurts, hopes and fears don’t matter, then we are undermining the very basis of our society and are on the road to creating our own tyranny.

Katrina Carter Brown
By email

George Monbiot is a true hero of our time. The solutions he proposes feel like a glimpse into the future. We need our leaders to think like him!

Colin Graham,
By email

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